Welcome to The Woo Box, a box of tools to support your energy healings & card readings!

In each Woo Box, you will get...

  • 3 mini roller-ball vial of reiki-charged essential oils to support your energetic alignment (similar to the other ones in The Market from Kelli Oster) (5ml each)

  • a crystal that supports your aura & vibration (comes with an information card about the crystal)

  • a mini smudge kit (sage, lavender & palo santo) for you to use to refresh the energy of your space three times. There will be a card with a QR code that links to a tutorial video on how to use the kit. 

  • & in your first box, you'll get an complimentary abalone shell for your smudging needs, which you can use again & again for each smudging session!


& who knows, there may be some other little goodies that we can't resist adding in as little bonus suprises for you!


Each box is valued at $57, but for a limited time, you will enjoy each Woo Box for only $47!


Shipping to the continental USA is included.  




YOU MUST ORDER BY JANUARY 17, 2022 to get the first 2022 Woo Box.  (shipping to arrive for Feb 2022)


If you would like to order one Woo Box, simply order ONE Woo Box today. 

If you would like to have us ship you one today & one in 6 months, simply order TWO boxes today.

If you would like to have us ship you one every three months, simply order FOUR boxes today.


The Woo Box