Alignment Bath Salts promote the release of stagnant energy, aid in releasing what no longer serves you, supports stress release, alignment, a higher vibration and energy protection through a signature blend of pure therapeutic essential oils, crystals and reiki energy. 


With the salts, you will enjoy healing and protecting herbs as well as a crystal, charged by the energy of the moon.  All this has also been charged with Reiki healing energy!


Your Alignment Bath Salts includes:

  • Epsom salts
  • 1 (one) 8oz Mason jar with a lid for simple storage and easy use
  • 1 (one) moon energy charged crystal inside the jar
  • Healing & protecting herbs inside the jar
  • Charged with Reiki energy
  • Free Shipping

Alignment Bath Salts Infused with Herbs, Moon Energy & Reiki Energy