On the last day of each month in 2022 (see below for the specific list of dates remaining for the year), you will recieve  a Carma Cleanse Ceremony & Personal Tarot/Oracle Card Reading.  This will be a new reading & healing each month in which you can participate at your leisure as many times as you wish througout the month.


The energy healing will boost the vibration of your energetic field so you can feel more supported, grounded & aligned with your goals for the upcoming month.  The healing will help release what is no longer serving you & the card reading will give you clarity & confidence on what action the angels want you to focus on for the month in your business & life. 


The healing will be a group healing & the card reading will be a personal reading.


That's ... 6 energy healings & 6 personalized card readings that will help you get aligned & stay aligned with your hopes, intentions & goals!


The healings & readings are done long-distance, but you will get an email or Facebook Messenger message with the healing (& instructions) plus a video of your card reading with the cards pulled & the message that was given for you.


Don't want to buy 6?  You can get ONE energy healing & ONE card reading. Check out the "Try It Out" option in the site store!


* Dates the healing & readings will be sent to you at the email address you provide when checking out! 


1. June 30

2. July 31

3. August 31

4. September 30

5. October 31

6. November 30



PS Check your email for the download of the Monthly Carma Cleanse Ceremony & Card Reading Journal!


2022 MONTHLY Carma Cleanse Ceremony & Card Reading