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2022 Carma Cleanse Ceremony & Card Reading

with Kelli Oster & Anna Herendeen

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Signs You Need A Carma Cleanse & Card Reading

  • you desire to have a purpose & direction for your life & biz in 2022

  • you have stagnant or low emotional energy - 'burnt out'

  • you are feeling ungrounded & foggy with your goals

  • you want to leave the negative of 2021 behind

  • you crave a deeper connection with yourself & your guides

  • you are open to new ways to experience abundance in your life & biz

Are You Ready

to create​


energy for the New Year


to infuse your life & biz with 


It's Time For A
Carma Cleanse!

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What is a carma cleanse & card reading?

A powerful, yet gentle way to welcome 2022 with an energy cleanse & rejuvenation from a reiki master & a channeled card reading to inspire a focus for each month of the year.

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How does it work?

You'll participate in a guided mediation & long-distance energy healing that supports positive energy in your aura & chakras. You don't have to do anything but be still in a quiet place where you can relax.

You'll also benefit from a message delivered through a channeled card reading. One card will be pulled for each month of 2022, giving you a theme to focus on for that month to guide your life & business.

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When is the ceremony?

Friday, December 31


7:00pm EST

on Zoom

You can participate live or through the recording.

All details, links, downloads & recordings will be emailed to you.

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What is the cost?

The carma cleanse & 12 month card reading is valued at $111, but for this special event, we are offering it for only


But that's not all you'll get! Check out the three bonuses below!

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For $44 you will get an energy cleansing & a 12 month card reading, but that's not all....

bonus 1

By joining the 2022 Carma Cleanse Ceremony & Card Reading, you'll ALSO get a free printable journal to use during the ceremony to help guide your experience & also help you remember what messages or inspiration you received.

bonus 2

Because you are grabbing this today, you'll also get special limited-time savings to a FULL YEAR'S worth of monthly energy clearing & a personal card reading.
Each month, February to December 2022, you will get an energy healing & personal card reading for only $11 per month.

This is valued at $242, but for you today, it's only $121, a savings of 50%!


bonus 3

You also will enjoy special limited-time pricing on The Woo Box, a quarterly delivery of tools to support your energy healings & card readings!
In each Woo Box, you will get...


  1. 3 mini roller-ball vials of reiki-charged essential oils to support your energetic alignment (5ml each)

  2. a crystal that supports your aura & vibration

  3. a mini smudge kit for you to use to refresh the energy of your space once each month & in your first box, you'll get an complimentary abalone shell for your smudging needs!